Alpha Music school was started in the year 2003 conducting music classes for Electronic keyboard , Piano, Guitar, Drums, Vocal and Theory of music with International standard of music and sending students for London trinity college Examinations. Lot of Students have been passed their graded Examinations both theory and Practical Examinations. Many Students from alpha music school became musicians, music directors and Masters in music and teaching and performing in many academies ,orchestra’s and recording studio’s.

The founder and the master of Alpha Music school is Mr. G. Emmanuel Raja , M.E , B.Music (London) .Though Basically he is a Masters in  Engineering and working as a college professor he had passion in music and have very good knowledge in both western and carnatic music , teaching music for the students for more than 16 years. He had a good experience in playing piano, Electronic keyboard, Guitar and Drums as he is playing Music Instruments from his small age. He learned his Western classical music from the great music master Mr. A. Abdul Sattar who is the teacher for many famous music directors like Harris Jeyaraj, D.Imman etc. and learned carnatic music from thiru. Gowrishankar and the famous singer thiru.David kanniapan (Father of music director Deva ).

The master and Music director Mr. G. Emmanuel Raja is the son of late Rev.P.Christopher Gajendran who is the pastor and running the Church, Alpha Ministries for the past 37 years also a good singer composed lot of good songs in Christian field. The name Alpha came from the Bible as God said he is "Alpha and Omega ". Alpha means Beginning. With his father and his family Master of Alpha music school is doing lot of Social services and helped to uplift lot of poor families for the past 37 years in nanganallur Chennai. The church members were throughout the world as pastors and social workers doing their services especially in poor countries.

The mission of Alpha Music school is to teach good music and also good things to their students not only in the music and also in their academic. Many poor students were become Engineers and doctors and also a musicians from alpha music school and from the alpha church. Alpha music School is going to Expand in many places with training for vocal both western and carnatic and all the instruments.

Alpha Music school have branches at pattabiram, Rajakilpakkam, and Keelkattalai.

Music classes for Electronic keyboard , Piano, Guitar, Drums, Vocal and Theory of Music.

Teaching Music more than 16 Years.